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Oriel Research Therapeutics (ORT) offers the following RNA-seq, clinical data and early detection services

Oriel Research Therapeutics ORTdat - service for RNA expression and matching clinical data

ORTdat - private data from ORT database

Oriel Research Therapeutics ORTdat - service for RNA expression and matching clinical data

ORTdat - public data from 
ORT database

Oriel Research Therapeutics ORTest - service to calculate RNA expression values

ORTexp - Harmonize your
RNA data

Oriel Research Therapeutics ORTest - service early detection of diseases using RNA expression data

ORTest - execute ORT available screening tests


About Us

Oriel Research Theraputics - about us

Oriel Research Therapeutics (ORT) is a bioinformatics company that provides services both for harmonized real-world patients derived genomic data and for blood based early detection tests for cancer and other diseases.

ORT's technology utilizes a state-of-the-art cloud based software platform, which processes large omic (specifically gene expressions), and clinical data to build the ORT database. The database is processed with proprietary Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (Al/ML) models to develop blood based early detection tests for various medical conditions (including cancer), and to identify novel targets.

The ORT database has over 1 million RNA-seq profiles, including bulk and single cell sequencing data, from in-vivo and in-vitro patients samples with matching clinical data.

Oriel Research Therapeutics allows easy access to its large scale, harmonized, real world data (RWD) and its proprietary pipelines to allow a quick adoption of evidence based diagnosis and therapies with the ultimate goal of improving human health.


ORT is a J&J innovation lab company and is located in Cambridge, MA


Oriel Research Therapeutics Eila Arich-Landkof, ORT, CEO

Eila Arich ME

Founder, CEO
Technion, Broad Institute, MGH, Whitehead Institute
Oriel Research Therapeutics Malkiel Cohen, PhD

Malkiel Cohen PhD

The Hebrew university, Whitehead Institute, MIT
Oriel Research Therapeutics Nir Bar-El software, data

Nir Bar-El BSc

Software, Data
Mellanox, Technion, Tufin
Oriel Research Therapeutics Yifat Geffen, PhD

Yifat Geffen PhD

Biology, Bioinformatics
Hebrew University, Broad Institute, MGH 
Oriel Research Therapeutics Rafi Landkof - Operations and Business Development

Rafi Landkof MSM

VP, Operations and Business Development
Technion, NYU - Polytechnic, Elbit systems
Oriel Research Therapeutics Noam Shoresh, PhD

Noam Shoresh PhD

Science, Bioinformatics
Harvard Medical School, Broad Institute, MGH, The Hebrew University

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