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ORT launches metagenomics pipeline

"Metagenomics" is a combination of the two words "meta" and "genomics". The field of “genomics” means obtaining the DNA sequence, and “meta” implies obtaining genomics for many organisms together. Metagenomics is the study of a collection of genetic material (genomes) from a mixed community of organisms. Metagenomics usually refers to the study of microbial communities (NHGRI). Metagenomics research analyzes bacteria, viruses, and even simple gene creatures.

Metagenomics research has revealed microbial signatures within multiple cancers, such as cervical cancers, gastric cancers, lymphoma, liver carcinoma, and others. Metagenomics analysis shed new light on additional scientific areas, such as infectious diseases and antibiotic resistance.

These research advances are driving metagenomics-based diagnostic tests. The tests are using the shotgun sequencing technology, which does not require prior culture or growth steps, and allows immediate sequencing without intermediate culture processing. The sequencing-based diagnosis allows using one patient's sample to check for known and newly identified microbes with high accuracy and a short turnaround time.

The ORT platform is now supporting metagenomics analysis to allow full synergism between big data bioinformatics analytical tools and novel biological platforms, to deliver faster metagenomics discoveries to patients.

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