Public data - Harmonized data from public datasets


The high-quality ORT harmonized database, with its ~1 million #RNAseq samples and matching clinical data from real world data (#RWD) of patients, utilizes its novel search tools to extract data for your specific needs, such as: disease type / therapy administered / response to therapy and more.


The following are a couple of examples for a request description:

  • Bulk RNA samples expression values of  Melanoma patients before treatment.

  • Clinical data and expression of AL amyloidosis at diagnosis time.


Use the quantity to let us know how many samples you need

Public data - Harmonized data from public datasets

Calculate transcript expression (TPM)?
  • Technical process

    1. ORT will execute a search pipeline on the ORT database based on the data criteria requested.

    2. The clinical information output will be provided in a comma separated file (CSV) format that can be viewed with Microsoft Excel, Google sheet, Apple numbers or any other text editor.

    FASTQ (raw sequence) file will be shared with you on a shared drive. If you want us to calculate the expression, please check the "Calculate transcript expression option.

    An example of clinical data sample is available in this link