ORTexp - Harmonize your RNA-seq data


ORT will calculate Transcript per Million (TPM**) coding and non-coding areas expression values for bulk RNA sample FASTQ* files, based on the hg38 reference genome. 


*Standard format of raw sequence data 

**Transcripts per Million (TPM) is a normalization method of RNA-seq


For special calculation requests, such as: Single cell RNA-seq, a different reference genome etc., please contact service@orielresearch.com

ORTexp - Harmonize your RNA-seq data

  • Technical process

    1. ORT will process raw sequence data from a shared drive using its harmonization pipeline

    2. A text file of the calculated expression values will be provided on the shared drive.

    Special requests, such as: Different reference genomes, non coding areas and single cell processing, might impact price. Please contact service@orielresearch.com for more information.